Heat Pump Prices

Evaluate Your Purchases By Comparing Heat Pump Prices

Comparing Heat Pump Prices can save you jundreds on your next heat pump purchase. When you are in the process of purchasing a heating pump for your home or business. There is comparison shopping that you should definitely do as well as reviewing the Heat Pump Prices. You will find that there are many brand names of heat pumps on the market today such as Trane, American Standard, Coleman, Bryant, Heil, as well as many others. Most people will start looking at the manufacturer that they have dealt with in the past, and that they trust. Within the models that the manufacturer makes available, the consumer can compare the Heat Pump Prices in order to purchase the model that best fits their needs as well as their budget.

Consumers can use the Internet for a resource in order to compare the Heat Pump Prices that are out there. You will find that there are many different amounts of money that is involved in purchasing heating pumps such as the installation costs. The installation of a window unit heat pump could run between $500.00 to $1,500. A split system heating pump with existing duct work could have an installation cost between $2,000 and $6,000 depending on the number of units that have to be installed. Installing a ground source heat pump could cost up to $25,000, which is the most expensive but can be considered the most efficient.

With these installation prices comes the actual Heat Pump Prices.
You can review many of the manufacturer websites in order to view the models that they have available as well as their prices. Carrier is a very reliable brand of heating pumps that have models that range in price from $600.00 to $900.00 and in some cases even more depending on the situation. The Heat Pump Prices that you view from these different manufacturers have to be considered with the installation charges in order to really get the true picture of how much it will cost.

These Heat Pump Prices really do not have any good time of the year that they are low or high. The heat pump is a heating and cooling unit that takes care of a household all year long so it can be purchased at any time. There are reviewers that have stated the Heat Pump Prices do seem to take the high road within the summer months only because that is the perfect time that these units can be installed into the home or building. However, comparison shopping for heat pump prices should give the consumer the overall best price of their new heat pump.

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Posted 1501 days ago
Well, some of that depends on where you live and other variables. Here is a ballpark average for you though:

1.5 ton / 18,000 Btu Heil model R410A 15 SEER heat pump: $2,200

2 ton / 24,000 Btu Heil model R410A 15 SEER heat pump: $2,300

3 ton / 36,000 Btu Heil model R410A 15 SEER heat pump: $2,600

4 ton / 48,000 Btu Heil model R410A 15 SEER heat pump: $3,200

5 ton / 60,000 Btu Heil model R410A 15 SEER heat pump: $3,550

Hope that helps!
Posted 1509 days ago
so what is the price for a complete Heil Heat Pump Unit without the installation.